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Yo soy aquel que vino aquí a buscar un lugar,
donde plantar las flores que también perfuman mi pais
derramo la canción que aprendí en mi idioma natal.

Sou a semente que ao migrar transformou sua cor,
mas no futuro crescerei nos verdes da mesma raíz,
amando o que não conheci nas campinas de lá

Traigo el rio en las retinas, puentes que atravesé,
bordeando los matices del terruño que dejé.
Como el sol del mediodía que cruzó el amanecer,
Y sin percibir ahora un dolor nubla mi pecho
y en mi boca lloverá al cantar.

Pulsando o tempo em cada passo,
há um relógio no meu coração,
onde Deus escreve o destino,
por linhas tortas da minha intuição,
Trago poeira nos calçados de três nações,
Levo comigo a terra de onde sou.

Tupã, oré ru, ehendu ore pyahê
emoguéna ko yvy ñembyasy
paráre embojoahu ore Yguazu resay

Lyrics from the song ´Estrangeiro´ (The expat) by Romy Martínez, music by Alegre Corrêa.

I am a multilingual singer, music educator, vocal coach and music researcher in musicology. My musical career and academic background is set between Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina. I am proficient in Spanish, Portuguese, English and Guarani, indigenous and second official language of Paraguay, my country of birth. Since 2005, I have been developing countless music and research projects with artists and academics, interrelating cultures and music genres from different nationalities, especially those connecting the cultural diversity in the Southern Cone of Latin America.


As the founder of Purahéi Trio, which unites musicians and musics from Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil, I have has released two award-winning albums and research work about a common regional musicality from the triple border nations. I hold an undergraduate degree in Music Education from State University of Santa Catarina - UDESC (2009) and a masters degree Communication and Culture: Latin America’s Integration - University of São Paulo - PROLAM/USP (2018), both obtained in Brazil. Besides, I specialised in Argentinian popular music (Folklore and Tango) at the Manuel de Falla Conservatory in Buenos Aires (2011).


Since 2018 I am a doctoral researcher from the Music Department of Royal Holloway University of London. My PhD research to be concluded in August 2022, is led under supervision of Dr. Henry Stobart. 'Finding a Paraguayan voice'  is the title of this work which focuses on the role of the indigenous language Guarani in Paraguayan music, alongside with Spanish, both of which are officially spoken in Paraguay. To do so, I depart from music towards linguistics and I analyse three main aspects: 1- interpretation and vocal performance, where I observe singing styles and connections to spoken language, 2- transmission, where I explore language and song learning, considering both formal and informal ways of learning, besides contextualising singing schools developed in Brazil and Argentina, and, finally,

3- composition, analysing the Guarani language and bilingualism in the creation of lyrics and melodies in  traditional and contemporary songs. 

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